Gleny Köhnke has been interviewed in Papua New Guinea, Australia, Germany and Spain by radio, television, newspapers and magazines. The following are some of the newspaper and magazine articles about her and her work.
She did not take note of radio and television reports over the years but remembers that the launching of her book "The Shark Callers" was reported on Channel 7 National News, Brisbane, Australia, in June 1975.
In Málaga she has been interviewed by Onda Cero radio, Marbella ("Ear to the Ground", 21.08.2000) and by TV Channel 340 Mijas, in a report on her exhibition at Casa Museo Mijas and an hour long documentary called, "Un día con Gleny Köhnke" ("A day with Gleny Köhnke"), among others.
Opening speech by
the Lord Mayor
of Kronach, Germany
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